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A Robust Solar Industry Depends on Happy Customers, and Solar Growth Is Robust

By Dan Whitten December 22, 2016 In a recent post, State Representatives Harold Naughton and David Baria make an important point that consumers deserve to be well-informed regarding their choice to go solar and not deal with bad-actors. We agree. Unfortunately, they neglect a key piece of context. The vast majority of our customers are [...]

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Pacific Gas And Electric Officially Enters Solar NEM 2.0

Shortly after Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) indicated it would do so by month’s end, the California investor-owned utility (IOU) has reached its 2,409 MW cap for offering the original net energy metering (NEM) tariff to customers. Starting today, PG&E solar customers will be interconnected under the state’s successor program, known as NEM 2.0. “The [...]

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Solar Industry Sees Largest Quarter Ever

Quarter after quarter, the solar industry grows more and more, but never like this. The solar industry just experienced its largest quarter ever with more than 4,143 MW of PV installed, according to SEIA & GTM Research’s Q4 Solar Market Insight report, which provides third quarter data. The booming utility-scale solar market accounted for roughly [...]

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Off Grid Solar Systems

Have you heard about the "off grid" concept but are unsure about what it means and more importantly, how you can benefit from this type of solution? Most CA residents are growing weary of electrical rate increases from their utility company.  But in some areas, residents are even more disappointed by poor service, especially in [...]

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