Off Grid Solar Systems

24 Apr

Off Grid Solar Systems

Have you heard about the “off grid” concept but are unsure about what it means and more importantly, how you can benefit from this type of solution?

Most CA residents are growing weary of electrical rate increases from their utility company.  But in some areas, residents are even more disappointed by poor service, especially in the warmer and cooler months of the year.  Solar PV Systems can help alleviate the cost of electricity, but it cannot help homeowners in remote locations with regular service outages and interruptions.

This is when an off grid system can be of benefit.  An off grid system typically includes a power generating source (i.e., solar panels, generators, etc.), transfer equipment and a battery bank that stores excess energy generated for use during non-production (nighttime hours).  The size of this system will be based on your average usage and can virtually eliminate the need for you to utilize commercial electric power.

Valley Energy is your source for off grid solution design and installation.  We can perform a detailed analysis of your electrical usage and customize a system that will help you go off grid, and even eliminate your electric bill completely.

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