How to Avoid Solar Scams and Get the Best Deal

How to Avoid Solar Scams and Get the Best Deal

We have had a lot of customers come to us with multiple quotes for solar systems spanning the incredibly expensive to the “too good to be true” cheap. Homeowners want a quality system at a fair price, but aren’t sure what is what.

I want to share a few key items that you should look for when obtaining estimates for your solar system.

1. Solar Company

Are they local? Are they intimately familiar with the permitting and inspection requirements for your jurisdiction? If not, you could be inviting unwanted delays in design and final inspection due to inexperience.

The team at Valley Energy has installed more than 100 systems throughout the Fresno, Tulare, Stanislaus and Kern county areas. Our team has direct contact with the city/county and know how to get permits approved and inspections signed off the FIRST TIME.

2. Installers
Are they experienced? Who oversees their work and ensures quality? Most national solar companies rotate through solar installers pretty frequently. They don’t have staff on hand that specifically reviews every single install to ensure quality and functionality. You want to know your installer is going to do this for you, and better yet, that they will walk you through the methods of monitoring your own system and how to ensure it is performing as expected.

Valley Energy installers have years of experience and every job is inspected for quality by a member of the solar management team. We make sure every bolt is tightened, every wire is connected and that all of your equipment is installed to the highest standards. All of our installers are OSHA 10 certified, which means they are well versed in all safety practices when they are on your roof installing your system.

3. Materials
What type of racking is being used? Don’t just take your contractor’s word for it. Make sure you review the building plans and that the spec sheets for what you are buying reflects the right material.

Valley Energy uses top tier solar equipment. Most of our systems are designed with SolarWorld, Canadian Solar or LG panels. We use both inverter/optimizer solutions, like SolarEdge and microinverter solutions like Enphase. Our racking is primarily Iron Ridge, although we are always exploring newer solutions to deliver systems that are not only reliable but aesthetic. We help you choose the best options for placement of the panels and inverter, and deliver systems with hidden or painted conduit, as the home design allows.

If you would like more information regarding how to select and price the best solar system for your needs, call us today! (559)909-4315 Find out how easy it is to work with the Valley’s foremost authority on solar power systems and get a no obligation, no pressure quote.

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